Marine Biology up close

Share a unique experience with your fellow WSU students.

Learn about the unique fauna of the Hispaniola

See the most unique fauna, and up close.

Learn about birds of the Hispaniola

All the equipment you need, including binoculars, are included in the cost of the course.

Study pristine mangrove forests

Only accesible by boat.

Visit banano

Hike up to the border castle between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Hike to the top of mountains.

Visit some of the most important ecological reserves in the Dominican Republic.

Learn about marine life

Work side by side with Worcester State professors.

Collect marine invertebrates

See and touch the wildlife.

Close up with WSU faculty

This will be the most intense week of your life.

Visit Pedernales, Dominican Republic

Undisturbed. A UNESCO heritage site.

Learn about terrestrial ecosystems

See the most majestic karst forests of the Dominican Republic.

Hike to Hoyo de Pelempito

Learn aobut karst forests of the Hispaniola.