Visit the Bobonazo river

Learn about the unique ecosystem around the river

Hike through the forest with expert guides

Hike while listening to lectures about the Amazon region.

A very intense hiking experience

All equipment, including rubber boots, are provided.

Travel through the river

Visit several ingigenous communities

Learn about the Sarayaku way of life

Daily hikes will put you in contact with the forest

Visit a primate sanctuary

There are priamates the forest, and the possibility of seeing them

An experience of a lifetime

Stay with the Sarayaku indigenous people, and live with them for two weeks

Learn about the largest trees in the Ecuadorian Amazon

This Ceiba trees is sacred to the Sarayaku

Daily hikes through primary, pristine forests

Visit areas very few people have ever seen

Guided tours through the river

All tours guided by professional guides

Stay with the Sarayaku

Meet families.

Work along the Sarayaku

Help collect forest palm leaves for a new roof for a family