Welcome to the lab page of Prof. Sebastian Velez at Worcester State University. This page is here for the convenience of my WSU students, so that they may find information about the courses I teach, how to access the course materials, and how to get information about the annual field experiences to the Dominican Republic, and with the Sarayaku people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Students will also find information about the type of research students do in my lab, and how to get involved.

Courses: See the current list of courses I teach, and in which semesters I usually teach them.

Access to online content: Most of my courses include online lectures, review booklets, and PDFs of my own lab books. All of these materials are free to WSU students. All current courses can be found at velezbiolab.com/courses. Students can get a copy of the syllabus and the free access codes during the first day of classes, or by logging into BlackBoard (Blackboard requires a WSU login).

Field Biology courses: You can find information through the WSU International Programs Office. We have some pictures from previous courses here: Dominican Republic and the Amazon.  All matters regarding registration, enrollment, and fees are managed through the WSU International Programs Office. For information about the academic portion of the courses (syllabi, SLOs, daily itineraries, etc.), please contact me by email at svelez@worcester.edu.

Research: You can find information about the research students do in my lab in the research page.